AXIL Hearing Protection and Enhancement Products Named Exclusive Supplier of USA Shooting Team

LOS ANGELES, June 3, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AXIL Brands, Inc. (“AXIL” or “the Company”) (NYSE American: AXIL) is pleased to announce the initiation of a new five-year exclusive sponsorship agreement with USA Shooting, the national governing body for Olympic & Paralympic shooting sports in the United States.

This significant five-year partnership guarantees that America’s premier shooters will be equipped with AXIL’s cutting-edge hearing protection technology as they vie for gold at the forthcoming Summer Olympic Games in Paris 2024 this July, followed by the Paralympic Games in August.

“We are honored to partner with the exceptional athletes and staff of USA Shooting at Paris 2024 and beyond,” said Jeff Toghraie, CEO and Chairman of AXIL Brands. “Our advanced hearing protection products, calibrated for the demands of elite performance, give us a unique opportunity to protect the hearing of our world-class athletes and help to promote the importance of audio safety and protection in everyday activities.”

The partnership grants AXIL co-branding privileges on USA Shooting’s digital channels, promotional materials at events, and signage at national competitions until 2028.

Kelly Reisdorf, CEO of USA Shooting, shared her excitement about the alliance, noting, “We couldn’t be more thrilled about our partnership with Axil, a company that not only leads in innovation but shares in our deep commitment to excellence and athlete safety. As we gear up for Paris 2024 and beyond, securing the best in auditory protection is crucial.  AXIL’s superior technology not only safeguards our athletes’ hearing but enhances their focus and precision, essential elements in the shooting sports.  This collaboration is more than a sponsorship; it’s a strategic alliance that elevates our athletes’ capabilities and underscores our relentless pursuit of excellence across all facets of our sport.”

This strategic collaboration marks a pivotal moment in USA Shooting’s ongoing commitment to enhancing athlete health and optimizing performance. By joining forces with Axil, USA Shooting assures its competitors access to the most sophisticated hearing protection solutions available—vital for athletes regularly exposed to potentially harmful sound levels during training and competition. Axil’s premier products offer not just auditory protection but also augment the overall shooting experience, enabling athletes to concentrate on their performance without jeopardizing their long-term auditory health.

The significance of this partnership transcends the immediate advantages it provides to USA Shooting’s athletes. It highlights a mutual commitment to safety and innovation shared by both organizations. Axil’s reputation for excellence and its dedication to crafting products tailored to the unique demands of competitive shooters render it an optimal partner for USA Shooting. Jointly, they intend to redefine standards in sports safety, elevating consciousness around the necessity of hearing protection within shooting sports. This venture exemplifies USA Shooting’s and Axil’s proactive stance on athlete welfare and their relentless pursuit to create the most favorable conditions for their members’ triumphs. As this partnership progresses, it is poised to significantly enrich the training milieu for USA Shooting’s athletes, contributing markedly to their international success.


About AXIL

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About USA Shooting

USA Shooting, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation was chartered by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the Olympic & Paralympic Shooting Sports in April 1995. The organization develops and implements programs to promote growth in the sport and serves as a sanctioning body for local and national competitions. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center, USA Shooting has a full-time staff dedicated to our sport.